Roof Cleaning Services in Bligh Park

High-Performance Roofing Solutions for All Conditions are Available in Bligh Park from Duravex Roofing Group, a Dulux Acratex Roofing company

For Bligh Park houses, Dulux Acratex Roofing provides high-performance roofing options designed for longevity and aesthetic appeal. For residential, commercial, and industrial roofing systems, they offer high-build acrylic coatings with over 40 years of industry experience and more than 500 exterior paint colours to choose from. Their goods are made to survive severe weather while preserving colour integrity. Advanced membrane technology from Acratex offers strong insulation while assisting in protecting roofs from water damage and infiltration.Colour choices are available in its diverse variety to go with any architectural style. Additionally, we collaborate with Dulux Acratex Roofing on all of our roofing projects, which gives us more assurance about the durability of our repairs and enhances the reputation of our business. Among the many services we offer are: 


Roofing Service  for Cement Tile 

Roof Painting on Cement, Terracotta, and Metal

Replacement of damaged tiles

High-Pressure Driveway Cleaning

Painting and restoring driveways

Services for cleaning gutters

Services for Gutter Guard Installations

Installation of the gutter, fascia, and downpipe

Paints that reflect heat

Services for High-Pressure Cleaning

Services for Leaf Screen Installations

Identifying and repairing leaks

Restoration of Metal Roofs

External Internal Services Painting

Ridge Cap Re-bedding and Repointing

Repair and replacement of roof flashing

Reporting and Roof Inspections

Painting Services for Roofs

Roof Maintenance Services

Restoration of Roofs

Services for Rust Guard Coatings

Bird-proofing solar panels

Services for cleaning solar panels

Cleaning Terracotta Roof Tile

Glazing for terracotta roof tiles

Roofing Service  using Terracotta Tile

Upkeep of metal, cement, and terracotta roofs

Installations of Valley Replacement Parts

Installations of Whirly Birds


Welcome to Duravex Roofing Group We value your tranquilly more than anything else.

 Duravex Roofing Group has been offering Australian residents services that keep their homes in top shape for more than 25 years. We guarantee our clients total pleasure throughout all aspects of our operations and provide the following guarantees:


Transparent quotes – We always give our clients written quotes that fully describe the terms of the agreement (which may or may not be exactly as described in The Process below). To ensure that you comprehend the entire procedure, we are always delighted to answer any questions.


Before-and-after photographs OR drone footageWe believe it’s crucial that you understand the state of your roof and why repairs are necessary. We capture in-depth inspection images before bidding and additional photos once the job is finished so you can see the results.


Timeline and bid – You have a right to know in advance what you’re paying for and when the work is scheduled to be completed.


Experienced and trained roofers — Duravex Roofing Group only hires skilled craftspeople.

Fully licenced – Rest easy knowing that we are in possession of valid licences in New South Wales.


Completely insured – Duravex Roofing Group has all necessary insurance to complete any job on your home. All of our craftsmen are insured, and we have public liability insurance coverage of $20 million.


Professional affiliations – We take great pride in belonging to a number of construction and roofing groups. 


Our reputation is based on how we conduct ourselves with honesty, skill, and integrity, and we look forwards to sharing these traits with you.





 The Method

The standard procedure for repairing or replacing your terracotta tile roof is outlined here. Additionally, if it involves your real roof, your appointed roofing contractor will be pleased to walk you through the entire procedure. 

A 33-point roof inspection reveals everything. Furthermore, we locate any loose or damaged gutters, tiles, moss, lichen, water damage, compromised flashing, valleys, ridges, pointing, or other damaged areas that may require repair.

Cleaning the roof and gutters – A dirty roof not only looks bad, but it also degrades the condition of the roof. Dirt, moss, lichen, and algae are all removed by our high-pressure cleaning method. This offers us a precise image of any damage that already exists and has to be fixed. Your gutters will also be cleaned and freed of debris.


Repair or replace – When it comes to roofs, we fix or replace any damaged roofing components. Each job is unique and may call for some or all of the following duties:


Take out any cracked tiles and bad valley irons, and replace them.

Take out and replace any missing or saggy bedding.

Put in new gutters.

Replace or repair broken downpipes and gutters.

Replace or repair cracked ridges, valleys, and flashing.

Stop any leakage.



Ridge capping entails completely repointing and re-bedding any loose caps. We make sure that any loose tiles are joined properly to prevent dislodging and leaking.

Elements protection – First, clean the roof and gutters thoroughly, and then apply a coating of the antifungal Mould Rid to prevent the growth of mould. 

Final clean – To ensure the roof is ready for the coating application, we perform one final thorough cleaning before we start spraying.


Steriliser – Any fungal and algal deterioration on the roof needs to be treated before it is recoated. Before continuing, we treat the entire roof with a specific substance.


Primer – To the roof, we apply a water-based, solvent-free primer that is especially made for roof tiles. It has exceptional adhesion-enhancing qualities that guarantee the optimum basis for the following two coats.


To enclose the surface, two coatings of roof membrane (or more, if necessary) are applied. Additionally, this offers the highest level of security, toughness, and weatherproofing. 

Protective membrane: We lay down two thick coatings of roof membrane in the colour of your choice.


Clear glaze coating – The optional coat of clear glaze coating gives the tiles a glossy appearance when applied.


last roof inspection: A supervisor from Duravex Roofing Group will visit the site and perform a final roof inspection to confirm that we have completed the work to our usual high standards.

Rubbish disposal – Upon completion of the project, we remove any trash associated with it from your property.



Roof Warranty

The sealers, membranes, and other compounds we use on your roof guard it against the severe Australian climate. Additionally, we have specially developed these materials to offer maximum protection.

After your Roofing Service is complete, we will provide you with a set of paperwork detailing the brands, materials, and colors utilized. 


Craftsmanship Warranty

Your home’s roof’s structural soundness plays a critical role in keeping you protected from the elements. Duravex Roofing Group offers a warranty for the calibre of our work. Please contact our office if you are not happy with the job once we have finished it.




 Roofing Service  is a specialised task that calls for careful consideration of safety and the security of your family, house, and belongings. Please read the following before the job starts.


Material selection – The customer is in charge of this. We will give you all the necessary information to make your selections, but we do ask that you let us know in advance through email or text what precise colours, brands, and materials you like.


Your chosen tile might not be available or might have been retired. As soon as we can, we’ll let you know so you can choose another course of action. Please be aware that we are not limited to any one brand; you are free to select any brand you like.


On-site parking – We need space on the job site for Duravex Roofing Group vehicles to park, as well as storage space for materials and a place to put abandoned materials until we remove them once the project is over. Before the craftsmen show up to start working, please decide where these locations will be

Duravex Roofing Group requires that a homeowner, preferably an adult, be present throughout the duration of the roofing work being conducted on the residence

.Water accessibility – During our time on site, Duravex Roofing Group must have access to water for use. We need to be able to reach an exterior tap


Please relocate valuable objects susceptible to water or toxin damage from the roof, including vehicles and outdoor furniture. Additionally, if at all possible, we advise covering any pools you may have.

Noise and mess — There will be some noise and some mess while using high-pressure cleaning equipment and other tools. The noise will unfortunately always be there, but we’ll do our best to minimise it. At the end of the job, we will tidy up any mess.


Inform neighbours – It is your responsibility to alert all nearby neighbours (those on either side, in the back or front of your property), to noise and mess. Please tell them to close the windows, take the laundry off the outdoor lines, etc.


Water leakage – Depending on the condition of your roof and any visibility problems brought on by contamination buildup, some water leaking may happen during the initial cleaning of your roof.As the homeowner, you must watch for this happening and notify the operator immediately so that they can take action to stop any additional leaks. Any leaks brought on by pre-existing roof damage are not the responsibility of Duravex Roofing Group.



Additionally, Duravex Roofing Group – Dulux Acratex Roofing  focuses on:

Roofing Service – When it comes to roof cleaning and roof painting, particularly for both tile roofing and terracotta roofing, Duravex Roofing Group – Dulux Acratex Roofing stands out as the best in the market. Furthermore, by restoring your roof, we’ll extend its longevity and restore it to its previous splendor. Additionally, all of our Roofing Services employ a top-notch cleaning and painting method. 

Duravex Roofing Group – Dulux Acratex Roofing distributes and installs the top roofing products in Australia. Moreover, customers highly recommend this company. Additionally, our engineer specifies the best zincalume or colorbond metal roof for your home or commercial property, ensuring structural soundness.

Duravex Roofing Group – Dulux Acratex Roofing offers a diverse range of leaf protection products for your home. Seamlessly transitioning, we install gutter guard, gutter seal, and aluminum leaf guard in various hues to suit your needs. Furthermore, our gutter guard options, approved by CSIRO, include high-density PVC and aluminum gutter mesh.

Duravex Roofing Group – Dulux Acratex Accredited Applicator supplies and installs all varieties of whirlybirds, including the Turbo Ventilator with an Aerodynamic Propeller Fan. Additionally, Seamless assists in cooling your home in the summer and removes moist and damp air in the winter. 

Contact Us!

The best team in Bligh Park for Roofing Service  is Duravex Roofing Group-Dulux Accredited Applicator because of our proven track record of excellence. Nothing makes us happier than realising just how dedicated we are to delivering exceptional service and ensuring customer satisfaction. Should you need further information, our contact lines are open.

Products for leaf protection are available from Duravex Roofing Group – Dulux Acratex Roofing  in a variety of styles to best fit your home. Moreover, we install gutter guard, gutter seal, and aluminium leafguard in a range of hues. Additionally, CSIRO has approved our gutter guard, which we offer in high-density PVC and gutter mesh crafted from aluminum.

If you require a Roofing Service  Bligh Park inspection and estimate or have any other questions, get in touch with our experts right now.


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