COLORBOND® Colour Range

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COLORBOND® Colour Range

Whether you’re looking for colours that are subtle or bold, light or dark, or looking for colours to suit particular applications and environments, there’s sure to be a COLORBOND® steel product and colour that’s right for your project.

COLORBOND® Colour Range
COLORBOND® Colour Range

Colorbond® Steel Colours

Shale Grey™
Pale Eucalypt®
Manor Red®
Woodland Grey®
Deep Ocean®
Classic Cream™
Evening Haze®
Cottage Green®
Night Sky®

When selecting colours for your project, COLORBOND® steel offers an extensive palette to suit any aesthetic and environment. Whether you seek subtle hues or bold statements, light tones or dark shades, COLORBOND® steel provides the perfect solution.

For those who prefer subtle colours, COLORBOND® steel presents a range of soft, muted shades that blend seamlessly into natural surroundings. These colours, like Surfmist® and Evening Haze®, create a tranquil and understated look, perfect for residential settings or projects aiming for a harmonious blend with the environment.

If bold and vibrant is your style, COLORBOND® steel has you covered. Eye-catching colours like Manor Red® and Cottage Green® make a strong statement and add a unique flair to any structure. These bold choices are ideal for commercial buildings or projects that require a striking visual impact.

When light colours suit your vision, COLORBOND® steel’s lighter shades like Classic Cream™ and Pale Eucalypt® brighten up spaces, reflecting heat and providing a cooler environment. These colours work exceptionally well in sunny climates, reducing the need for excessive cooling and enhancing energy efficiency.

For a more dramatic effect, choose from COLORBOND® steel’s dark tones such as Monument® and Night Sky®. These deep, rich colours add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any project, making them suitable for modern architectural designs and urban settings.

No matter the application or environment, COLORBOND® steel offers a colour that fits your project perfectly. With a broad spectrum of options, you can create a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing design that meets your functional needs and personal preferences. Explore the diverse range of COLORBOND® steel colours and find the perfect match for your next project.

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