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Duravex Roofing Group a certified roofers and tilers for Monier roof tile system and we can supply and install Monier Wunderlich roofing tiles and other Monier roofing supplied roof tiles, chose us to be one of their roofing specialists. Selected by hand, Duravex Roofing group is a member of the other roofing association that stands for the finest businesses in the sector.

Tile roofing is a great option for any type of home.

It provides a clean and contemporary finish that can quickly improve your home’s kerb appeal. The gorgeous items that our professionals can provide will give a classic product a modern twist.

A Monier Roof Tile Advantage

  • Never corrodes, warps, or rusts.
  • Insulates against heat.
  • Weatherproof against cold and snow.
  • Is the water in the tank suitable for use?
  • Is salt poisonous?
  • Offers soundproofing.

The Most Durable Roof Tiles Available

Customers can rest easy knowing that Moniers’ beautiful collection of roof tiles are built to endure the harsh Australian climate because of the procedures utilised to create them.

Cement and Terracotta tiles are available in a wide variety of designs and hues. Our knowledgeable staff is here to help you select the item that will revitalise your home.

The Roof Restoration and Maintenance line from Monier was created especially to assist you in revitalising your home’s tiled roof so that it can continue to safeguard your family and increase its worth by enhancing the kerb attractiveness of your property.

Monier offers its customers the Monier Roof Restoration & Maintenance System in collaboration with Registered Roof Applicators like Duravex Roofing Group. Monier Roof Tiles are supplied and installed throughout Sydney by our skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced roof tilers at Duravex Roofing Group.

After many years in the business and installing a wide variety of roof tiles from all roof tile manufacturers in Sydney, we think Monier is among the greatest roof tile options out there. For this reason, we worked hard to be able to give our customers the excellent quality they deserve.

With more than a century of experience shielding families from the harsh Australian climate, Monier has a very rich and proud past. Since the invention of the Wunderlich terracotta tile, Monier has dominated the roofing market.

Whether you’re building, remodelling, designing, or restoring a roof, Monier’s 100 years of knowledge will help you get the appearance you want. has a 50-year product and performance guarantee and a strong history of producing high-quality concrete and terracotta roofing systems.


  • Really designed for Australian climates and has shown to be durable throughout time.
  • With C-LOCTM Technology, your house will continue to appear better for longer.
  • 8 times more colourfastness than C-LOC metal roofing.
  • made from the soil and crafted in a spectrum of lovely colours that endure forever.

Duravex Roofing Group Is a Monier Roof System Sydney Professionals

Duravex Roofing Group has been offering Monier-approved materials for our roofing services all around Sydney. These high-quality roofing products provide a range of superb roofing tile types, designs, patterns, and hues that guarantee long-term resilience and sophisticated, fashionable kerb appeal for your residence or place of business.

Over time, Monier tiling has shown to be a very practical, affordable, and aesthetically pleasing roofing option for Sydney residents and business owners. This premium brand of roof tiles is appropriate for a wide range of residential and commercial building sizes, shapes, and styles.

You will get excellent guidance, roofing tiles, and new Monier tile roof installation when you choose the professional Monier Roofing services from Duravex Roofing Group. The highly skilled experts at Duravex Roofing Group will guarantee that your new or renovated roofing is both long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing in addition to being secure, effective, and economical. High levels of kerb appeal will be displayed by your recently erected or renovated roof, increasing visibility and raising the value of your residential or commercial property.

terracotta tile roof restoration in sydney

Strong Roof

Roof framing depends on the type of roof you want.

terracotta tile roof restoration in sydney

Weather Proof

Roof framing depends on the type of roof you want.

Roof Repair
Roof Maintinance
Roof Cleaning
Roof Painting
Gutter Guard
Metal Roof Restoration

Learn more about the selection of Monier Roofing

Monier Terracotta/Clay Roof Tiles:

When all things are considered, Monier terracotta tiles are one of the finest roof tiles available for roofing construction across Sydney. Terracotta tiles not only provide heat regulation and noise reduction, but they also maintain their colour over time despite rough daily use. These clay tiles are porous, which allows them to resist extremes in temperature and weather without chipping, buckling, or warping.

Monier Tiles for Concrete Roofs:

Roof concrete tiling will be more resistant to fading than solvent-based and metal roofing materials. Concrete and water interact through hydration, which makes concrete roof tiles stronger over time. This is definitely good for the lifespan of your roof, unless the amount of water the concrete absorbs puts too much stress and strain on the roofs under structure.

Components of Roof Tiles:

Because they are lightweight and offer the cost advantages that only high-pitch roofing can, elemental composite panels are frequently utilised for roof installations with a 10-degree pitch. Despite being about ten times lighter than tiles made of concrete, terracotta, or other materials, Monier Elemental roof tiles can carry weights of up to 300 kg.

Roofcoat Monier

The Monier Roofcoat System is designed specifically for use on external roofing systems. It is a high-gloss paint coating made entirely of acrylic polymers that is water based and shields your roof from the severe Australian weather. When properly prepared, Monier Roofcoat can also be applied to metal roofs that are free of rust.

In Sydney, when it comes to installing and maintaining Monier roofing tiles, we are regarded as the premier roofing company. These appealing yet robust tiles will not corrode when exposed to salt water or the constant high moisture content of seaside air. They will also not dent or fold during hailstorms.

roof restoration in sydney

Curb Appear

roof restoration in sydney

Extended Roof Life

terracotta tile roof restoration in sydney

Energy Efficiency

roofing service in sydney

Damage Control

terracotta tile roof restoration in sydney

Avoid Costly Roof Repair

roof restoration in sydney

Maximize Protection



Environmental issues such as pollution and UV exposure can have a deleterious effect. Your metal, composite, or concrete tile roof will eventually become drab. Although this is to be expected, routine respraying makes fixing it simple as well.


Natural salts found in concrete roof tiles can seep to the surface and take the form of a grayish-whitish discoloration. Efflorescence is the term for it, and it’s only a transient cosmetic phenomenon. It will eventually go away on its own, as you will discover.


Uncleaned downpipes, valleys, and gutters are frequently the source of roof leaks. They should be inspected frequently, ideally once a year.


If you decide to paint your concrete roof, you’ll need to give it another coat of sealant every five years or so to keep the glossy finish.


It is always preferable to hire a certified roofing specialist to handle any repairs that need to be made to your roof or tiles. It can be risky to walk on roofs and can also further deteriorate your tiles.

Use our Find our Roofer tool to find a local roofer with the necessary technical skills if you need someone to fix your roof or replace broken tiles.


To help you preserve and safeguard your roof, Monier offers a selection of useful do-it-yourself roofing supplies. We can assist you in maintaining the highest quality roof possible, from roof coat to flexible pointing. See below for further information on any of our products for roof maintenance.


Inspection of the roof Locates loose or broken tiles and gutters, moss, lichen, and water damage, damaged flashing dips, and ridges, pointing, and bedding.

A filthy roof not only looks bad, but it also deteriorates the condition of your tiles, resulting in expensive future repairs and replacements.
Dirt, moss, lichen, and algae are removed, and the surface is prepared for optimal paint adherence with our high-pressure washing. You might be surprised at how well a good high-pressure clean will revitalise your roof.

Gutter cleaning using a high-pressure water cleaner is part of the job, and it removes dirt, moss, lichen, and algae from gutters and downpipes, preventing them from becoming blocked and causing structural damage. Metal and Terracotta roofs should be treated in the same way.

Cleaning around roads, footpaths, bricks, and other difficult-to-clean places is another service we offer.

Damaged tiles and loose or missing bedding are evaluated throughout the roof, and damaged tiles and faulty valley irons are replaced as needed. Wire brushed, sanded, high pressure cleaned, and treated with Rust Killer, metal roofing. Replace any rusted screws or worn washers.


To help you preserve and safeguard your roof, Monier offers a selection of useful do-it-yourself roofing supplies. We can assist you in maintaining the highest quality roof possible, from roof coat to flexible pointing. See below for further information on any of our products for roof maintenance.


You can always contact 1300 492 880 if you have any technical questions. You can download, or we’re always pleased to talk about your roof.

All the Information You Need to Know About Roof Tiles in Monier

For all types of houses, Monier roof tiles are a great option. Having been in the business for more than a century, Monier is skilled at creating roof tiles that provide protection from even the most extreme Australian weather.

Monier roof tiles are made to endure harsh weather conditions and last for many years. They come in a variety of styles and materials. Recycled Monier tiles combine style and durability in equal parts.

Why opt for Recycled Roof Tiles from Monier Roofing System?

Monier is a great option if you’re searching for recycled roof tiles with plenty of life remaining in them. Monier, a roofing firm that was founded more than a century ago, designs and manufactures tiles and roofing solutions exclusively for the Australian and New Zealand markets. As a result, their products are made to endure the sun, wind, rain, and hail that Australian homes are subjected to.

In addition to its classic terracotta roof tiles, Monier now manufactures a variety of tiles, such as solar and concrete tiles. They began as designers of terracotta tiles.

The Strengthening of Concrete Monier Roof Tiles with Age

Concrete roof tiles by Monier are reasonably priced and long-lasting. Like concrete bridges and structures, concrete roof tiles develop stronger with time as the concrete solidifies in the sun. Because of this, concrete roof tiles are the ideal material to not only survive but also thrive in Australia’s intense heat. Additionally, because concrete doesn’t rust or corrode, it’s an excellent material choice for homes near the sea, where metal roofing can erode due to the salty air.

C-LOC Technology from Monier

Compared to conventional tiles composed of COLORBOND steel, Monier tiles with C-LOC technology have been shown to lose less gloss over time because of UV exposure. This indicates that Monier tiles offer superior thermal insulation and can maintain their shiny look longer than steel roofs.

Terracotta Roof Tiles from Monier

Additionally, we provide recycled Monier terracotta roof tiles, which are made exclusively from natural resources found in Australia.

When considering the energy required to manufacture the tiles itself as well as the thermal insulation they offer during the winter, terracotta tiles offer excellent energy efficiency.

Additionally, Monier produces terracotta tiles in a variety of hues that retain their colour for ages.

Speak with Recycled Roof Tiles Right Now!

Get in contact with us right now if you’re interested in installing recycled Monier roof tiles on your property. We will make every effort to locate the recycled Monier roof tiles you require if we don’t currently have them in store.


In certain instances, replacing the roof is a more enduring and superior choice than providing maintenance. Visit our re-roof page to see if this is the better choice for you.

To speak with our re-roofing professionals, Give Duravex Roofing Group, a Monier Roofing Specialist, a call at 1300 492 880 today.

CSR is a prominent construction company in Australia and New Zealand. Monier is the roofing brand owned by CSR, which has been the dominant supplier of roof tiles for many years.

We possess official certification as a specialist in CSR Monier Roofing. This signifies that we have obtained authorisation to provide and install Monier’s roofing goods with utmost excellence. Our company offers a wide range of services for roof tiles, utilising exclusively top-tier materials sourced from CSR Monier.

We specialise in a wide range of roof tiles, including Concrete and Terracotta options. If you require assistance with either installing a new roof or repairing an existing one, we are your all-in-one destination for roof tiling services.

Our collaboration with CSR Monier ensures that we deliver roofing of the highest quality, aesthetically pleasing, and with exceptional long-term support for your property.

Thus, you require roof repair. Hire more than the first roofing contractor you come across on google or any other search engines. A roofing contractor is someone you must carefully select. Here are some pointers for locating a trustworthy roofer.

Select a contractor who has a track record of success.

Selecting a contractor with a track record of success is advised. These contractors have built a solid reputation for themselves by giving their clients outstanding service. You can also be confident that they will work tirelessly to maintain their stellar reputation by completing a superb job on your roof, as they rely on it to draw new clients.

Check for endorsements and reviews.

It is imperative that you look for endorsements and reviews prior to hiring a roofing contractor. Look for testimonials from real homeowners who have worked with the contractors you are considering for roof replacements. Getting recommendations from loved ones, close friends, and other reliable individuals would be great. Inform the roofing business that you found them through a recommendation. They will be aware that you have high standards and that you expect them to fix your roof expertly if you do this.

Online Evaluations and Rankings:

You can also do an internet search if you are unable to locate genuine evaluations and testimonies from people you know. Online review and rating services are a reliable source of information about the top services available in your area. Social networking is another excellent resource for finding reviews and testimonials. You can find reviews and testimonials from actual customers on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Additionally, a lot of contractors have social media profiles where you may see what other people are saying about them.

Pose Enquiries:

Asking questions of contractors before to hiring them is a good idea. One of the greatest ways to determine if a contractor is a good fit for you is to get to know them.

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