Fibreglass Roof Replacement

Fibreglass Roof Replacement

Fibreglass roofs consist of polyester resin and distributed strand mat glass fibers, forming a strong laminate. They have become a popular choice for flat roofing due to their strength and lightweight nature, minimizing additional stress on buildings.


I. Advantages of Fibreglass Roofs:

Lightweight Material: Fibreglass roofs are thinner and lighter than traditional metal, terracotta, or cement roofs, facilitating easy installation.

Energy Efficiency: Fibreglass roofs allow natural light in, reducing the need for artificial lighting and lowering energy consumption.

Structural Integrity: Properly installed fibreglass roofs do not require repairs, maintaining their structural integrity over time.

Weather Resistance: Fibreglass roofs are resistant to sun damage, waterproof, and more fire-resistant than pressed fiber, making them suitable for areas prone to bushfires.


II. Signs of Deterioration:

Delamination, Cracking, and Splitting: Deteriorating fibreglass sheets lose their ability to transmit natural light, leading to increased energy usage.

Wind Damage: Cracked and split sheets are prone to tearing in strong winds, posing a risk of damage to the roofing system.

Leakage Issues: Deteriorated sheets are a common cause of leaks, emphasizing the importance of proactive maintenance.


III. Benefits of Fibreglass Roof Replacement:

Energy Efficiency Improvement: Duravex Commercial Roofing replaced old fibreglass sheets, resulting in a substantial reduction in energy consumption for their client.

Carbon Footprint Reduction: Upgrading to new fibreglass sheets not only improves energy efficiency but also contributes to minimizing the client’s carbon footprint.

Enhanced Durability: Roof replacements ensure the integrity of the roofing system, preventing leaks and other issues associated with deteriorated sheets.


IV. Why Choose Fibreglass Roofs:

Cost Savings: Fibreglass roofs are cost-effective compared to traditional roofing materials, offering savings in both installation and long-term maintenance.

Sun and Water Resistance: Fibreglass roofs resist sun damage and are waterproof, ensuring longevity and protection against the elements.

Fire Resistance: Fibreglass roofs provide increased fire resistance, making them suitable for properties in areas prone to bushfires.

Environmental Friendliness: Minimal asphalt in fibreglass roofs contributes to their eco-friendly nature.


V. Lifespan of Fibreglass Roofs:

Longevity: A well-installed fibreglass roof can last at least 30 years with no detectable deterioration, and even inexpensive options offer a lifespan of 20 years.

Potential Issues: While durable, all roofs may experience damage or deterioration at some point, necessitating attention to maintain their longevity.


VI. Contacting a Professional Roofer:

Duravex Commercial Roofing specializes in fibreglass roof replacements.

Experienced Team: The roofing experts at Duravex have the knowledge and skills to successfully and efficiently complete any roofing job.

Obligation-Free Quote: Property owners can contact Duravex at 1300 492 880 for a free inspection and quote for their fibreglass roofing needs.


Fibreglass roofs offer a combination of strength, lightweight design, and environmental friendliness.

Regular maintenance and timely replacement, if needed, contribute to energy efficiency, reduced environmental impact, and prolonged roof lifespan.

Duravex Commercial Roofing stands ready to assist with fibreglass roof inspections, replacements, and expert advice for property owners in Sydney.


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